Armenian National News Agency Greets New Production

On Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

MP, New York. –Armenian National News Agency Greets New Production ‘Untitled’, staring Armenian born artist Tigran Tsitoghzhyan and directed by Arthur Balder.

The new production was featured in a main scope teletype by the national news agency of Armenia, Armenpress, and featured both in English and Armenian language.


Tigran Tsitoghzhyan, regarded as a ‘world renowned artist’ by the Armenian press, told the press that the film ‘may be presented officially at the Golden Apricot Intnal Film Festival of Yerevan in June’. The festival is the mayor entertainment event in Armenia and each year presents internationally renowned filmmakers works. In 2015, the festival counted with the presence of actress and filmmaker Natalia Kinsky, daughter of legendary German actor Klaus Kinsky.




The director of the film, Arthur Balder, was awarded Best Director by the circle of critics of Mexico past March as he received the ‘Lady of Victory’ for his work as director of the films ‘Reality of the Imaginary’ and ‘Little Spain’, both also awarded Best Documentary film by Latin ACE Awards in the US, 2014 and 2015 respectively.


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